Relevance of the Area
The thematic area should naturally be geared to the support of the high-sustainability chemical industry and envisages a range of activities including the use of CO2 as starting material for in intermediates preparation, the development ofl biomass processing bio-technologic systems in chemicals for the Bio-refineries, the exploitation of renewable chemical products, the molecular transformation of primary and secondary metabolites derived from biomass into high value added products with sustainable techniques and processes and the development of efficient and sustainable catalytic processes. Substantial passage is the path towards sustainability, after the launch of bio-refinery instead of traditional refineries, now it gets the reprogramming the petrochemical industry in terms of the chemical industry in the circular economy, where renewable substances are wide used. This kind of industry can provide a quantity of natural chemical intermediates already structured capable of being transformed, through sustainable processes, into a given product to be, at the end of its use, transformed into end-chemicals with other applications. In this way we move from the concept of production-consumption-disposal to the concept of continuous resource of starting materials.

Objectives Project area

The main objectives of the "Green Chemistry" strategic area are based on the development of new strategies for synthesis and catalysis for the production of fine chemicals obtained with processes that are at the same time highly selective efficient and low environmental impact. Raw materials can come from both traditional and renewable resources, but also from waste materials in the application of the principles of the circular economy. Technological and scientific strengths with which to overcome these goals will be the search for innovative, even enzymatic, catalysts that are efficient but durables and resistant to poisoning.

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