Chemistry and Technology of Materials

The research activities in the area are focused on the diverse and complementary aspects of Chemistry and technology of materials, that include materials synthesis and preparation, studies on mechanism underlying innovative materials design and realization, spectroscopic, morphological, structural investigation, elucidation of structure-function relationship, understanding of physical-chemical characteristics of the studied materials, implementation of innovative process technologies, up to the up-scale of the materials production and their effective integration in systems and device functional to the specific technological applications. Chemical methodologies for materials designing and development and implementation of dedicated technological approaches strategically contribute to the different research areas in the Department, as Chemistry and Materials for Health and Life Science, Chemistry for Energy and Green Chemistry. Functional materials and advanced diagnostic methodologies are highly relevant in the field of Cultural Heritage. Large emphasis is given to the modelling and computational tools, able to predict and interpret properties of materials, processes and technologies. Consolidated are, also, the activities in the domain of the development and application of advanced methodologies for materials investigation.

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